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Graduate Courses

North American Indian cultures at the time of European contact. Additional topics include origin and development of Indian culture, impact of European contact on native cultures, and problems faced by Native Americans today.

Survey course presenting orality as major modus of literary and knowledge production in Africa. Presentation of the institutional carriers of orality (storytellers, etc.). Readings in English translation.

In-depth study of the music of a select culture, area, topic, or genre. Investigates historical aspects, social functions, aesthetic preferences, the musician, musical instruments, structures and forms, performance contexts, and practices.

Two indigenous urban societies of the Americas, from farming village beginnings to the Spanish conquest, and their lasting impact on modern middle American culture. Topics include ecology, economy, political organization, urbanism, militarism, beliefs, art, architecture, and literature. 

Development of the native societies of the southeastern United States, the exploration of the area by Spain in the sixteenth century, and the consequences of the meeting of the two peoples.

Social history of the native peoples of the southern United States from the beginnings of the Spanish missions and the English deerskin and slave trade through Indian removal.

Relationships between gender and globalization. Women and development, industrialization, and third world regions.

Special topics in Native American Studies.

Individual reading and study in Native American Studies under the direction of a project director.

Topics in multicultural studies, with primary focus on literature by members of one or more traditionally marginalized cultural groups within the United States and with attention to historical context and theoretical aspects.

Current topics in anthropology.

Topics and problems in religion with emphasis upon extensive reading in primary sources and individual and/or group research projects.

Topics and problems in anthropology with emphasis upon extensive reading in primary sources and individual and research projects.

Topics in human environmental and ecological systems, including factors that contribute to emergence and maintenance of those systems.

A detailed examination of selected forms and ideas in African American, Native American, Latino/a, and/or Asian American literature.

Seminar in Creative Writing. Advanced instruction in the craft of writing.

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